Day 104: Waterfall Valley

Hi everyone, been a while!

The last week was very nice 🙂 I spend it in Cochabamba. Again, no walking tour but here are some nice pictures. The city is a bit more modern and commercial than Sucre but definitely much greener than La Paz is. A good middle ground for sure.

There is a very nice viewpoint of the city with a Jesus statue. Luckily you can chose to take a cable car instead of a few thouzand steps up the hill.

I also went to a town called Torro Torro. This town lays next to a big national park where you can do a few day tours,. The town is known for it’s access to the national park and the preservation of dinosaur prints.
Torro in an indigenous language means ‘mud’. Since the ground there is all muddy and infused with cool minerals.

I met some friends that were doing the same tour as I wanted to, so we huddled up in the car to see some dinosaur prints! Spoiler alert: dinosaurs are freaking huge. Some were up to 6 meters high and 28 meters long. It was very impressive and interesting.

Our tour took us to a small waterfall and a canyon. From the canyon we descended to a (muddy) river. Which was a 1000 steps, give or take. When we got to the river it apparantly was a lot higher than expected since last nights rain. So we had to jump on/over rocks and boulders to get to the waterfall. Ofcourse I stepped in the to water once, pushed someone because I fell and slid down a rock onto one of my groupmates.

The waterfall itself was really impressive. Definitely a sight that I wouldn’t have expected from Bolivia.

Now onwards with my travel back home. Just one more day and than it’s all traveling back to Europe. See you soon, my friends!

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  1. Met naar ik vermoed een Turkey Vulture – Cathartes aura, in NL roodkopgier, in de lucht. Fraai hoor!

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