Day 30: Halloween

Hey everyone!.

The last few days have been amazing! Last Tuesday I went water rafting. It was so much fun and very wet haha. Our team was so bad that we basically played bumper cars with the rocks in water haha. After warming up again in the sauna, a shower and a lunch, we went ziplining!

Yesterday I went bungee jumping from 125meters. Apparently this was the 4th highest bungee jump in South America. It was such a crazy experience and I’m super glad I tried it, I can now officially say that it is not for me.

Yesterday was the 31st of October, which means: Halloween! This is such a huge holiday here, the streets were flooded with creepy clown kids trying to get candy everywhere. Eventually the kids made way for the adults trying to find the best bars and clubs. It was so much fun! Even got some cat face paint haha. Can’t go out without a costume ofcourse.

Today it started raining!! Hopefully it’s just today since tomorrow we are making our way to Maccu Picchu!