Day 35: Blue Lagoon

Hey everyone!

Sabrine and I traveled from Cusco to Huaraz! It’s a smaller mountain town in the North of Peru. Very well known for the numerous hikes you can do here. Even up to 8 days sometimes.

We, ofcourse, took the easy day trip to Lagoon Paron. This was 4 hours by bus, 2 hours lagoon and 4 hours back. It was very beautiful even though I felt terrible at the altitude of 4300 meters.

Haven’t figured out yet why the water is so vibrant blue. Google says ‘minerals’ but that’s a bit vague haha. Totally forgot to ask our guide unfortunately.


And now onwards to the next city! Good night or maybe good morning for you already.

Btw, can’t believe it’s already been 35 days! Wow.