Day 70: Road to Santiago

Hi everyone!
Made it to Santiago Chili! Met a nice Chilean dude on the plane and he lives and works in Paragonia. Every year he works in California from April to October. He has skipped 10 winters already. That’s the dream, people. No more winters!

I saw three good doggies doing their job at customs. Such dedicated and cute workers. One found a mango in someones pocket and he was very excited about it.
I actually got jumped on as well but they apologized and moved on. It scared the shit out of me though haha. I made really sure that I didn’t bring any organic food because Chilean customs is super strict. Makes sense because it is very isolated (by the coast on the west and mountains on the east).

I’m excited to explore my second South American country/city. So far it is green and colorful outside even though it’s 27 degrees. I got sick of the Peruvian desert and sand everywhere. I feel like my bags and shoes alone can fill a desert back up now. The taxi driver actually uses his turn signal! Big wow!
Street are actually pretty good, haven’t seen a pothole yet. Which makes driving a bit less intense as well, less swerving.
They have beautiful money here but it’s harder to calculate with (1 euro = 871,49 Chilean pesos). I feel like a miljonair.

Tomorrow more exploring!

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  1. Hee paps, af en toe wel. Maar altijd het einde van de dag en ze zijn vrij makkelijk te ontwijken!

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