Day 72: View from the top

Hi all!

Yesterday and today were such fun days exploring the city! It is massive so it is easy spending a few days doing all the sight seeing. Yesterday started off with a free walking tour around the city. We went to multiple attractions, churches, cool buildings while the guide talked about the history, politics and even the current events.

There were also some streets closed, just like the presidential palace (last image above). The whole park was not available for tourists. Even in a famous church a statue was hidden so that it does not get vandalized or destroyed.

The walking tour was super interesting and the tour guide gave some advice about typical Chilean snacks to eat and drink. So Tim (Germany), Nicholas (Germany) and I went to check them out ofcourse. Unfortunately I already forgot all the Spanish names for the dishes but this particulary drink was white wine, grenadine and pineapple icecream. It was super gross!

After our Chilean snacks we decided to head in to the area called Bellavista. It is basically the art district in Santiago, known for the ‘hipster vibes’ and wall art.

We also went to a museum about Pablo Neruda. He was a Chilean poet and politician. One of two people who ever won a noble price. Honestly, the museum was not really worth it because it was all about his personal life instead of his poetry or politics. So we just ended up reading the wikipedia about him.

Today I hung out at Jardín Japonés, which is a super pretty park basically.

After that I went to Cerro San Christóbal. Which is another park on a big hill where you can get a pretty view of the city. You can go up with a cable car/train! Thank god because it is way too hot to walk up the stairs.

In the afternoon I met up with Nicholas at the Costanera Center, which is a big ass mall with 61 levels. Apparantly it is the highest 360degrees viewing point in South America at 300 meters high. Santiago might not be the prettiest city to get a look at but the view was still impressive.

Ciao chicos!