Day 75: Destination Wedding

Hi everyone!

The last few days were so much fun! As some of you might know, part of my travel to Chile was because of my Chilean friend getting married. So on Friday we had a pre-party for all the internationals. A lot of fun, nice to see and chat with all people! On Saturday morning I went to a vineyard with Nicholas and we had a nice tour + tasting. Ofcourse, me being such a wine lover ahum, had a lot of fun. Still don’t know a lot about tasting but we got to try some cool fancy (and expensive) wines.

After that I went back to get ready for the wedding. In short: it was amazing!I don’t think I’ll ever be invited to such a big, classy and fancy wedding (feel free to prove me wrong). It was emotional, so much fun and a lot of happiness. Met a lot of fun people and I feel honored to have witnessed this special day. In the end I went to bed at 6 am, that says enough haha.

The view from the venue (Golf clubhouse).

So now, onwards to the next part. Currently in San Pedro the Atacama. I can’t say I missed the desert. So. Much. Sand. Everywhere. I’ll keep you all posted!

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