Day 81: Creation

Hi everyone!

I just got back from an amazing 3-day tour from San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) to Uyuni (Bolivia). I’ll tell you all about it.

It was so amazing! The Atacama Desert and Salt flats were super inspiring and impressive to see. All the nature was gigantic, beautiful and quiet. It felt out of this world, like I was on a different planet exploring.

This tour was a group tour. We were with 6 people in total, driving in a big 4×4 truck.
The first day we crossed the border into Bolivia and drove through a lot of lagoons with color names (white, green, black and colorado). This is also the day we went to the highest point on our trip (around 5000m high). Literaly breath taking.

I saw sooooo many wild flamingos! Apparantly there are 3 different flamingos, I’m pretty sure I saw at least two of them but it was really hard to tell them apart haha.

The landscapes were so diverse! The second day was mostly rocky landscapes and canyons.

We also went to a valley that was supposed to be a lagoon but was mostly dried up. There I climbed some rocks and chilled out a bit, enjoying the view of llamas eating grass in the distance. We stayed at a hotel where the walls were made of salt blocks. For the curious: yes, the walls do taste stalty.

I have to say though. The last day was definitely the best day! We went to the salt flats. The main attraction of this trip. We went to see the sunrise and it was very beautiful.
The salt flats in general were very beautiful, impressive and huuuuuuge. You could get lost there and nobody would find you forever, it is 10,582 square kilometers. Don’t ask me how the drivers navigate, because it is a mystery to me.

We also went to a huge rocky island in the middle of the flats. There we could climb a bit higher and have a nice view of the flats. You could see everything for kilometers! Untill you see a bigger volcano or mountain.

Ofcourse we also did the typical ‘weird perspective’ pictures at the salt flats. We even made a video where we are running away from a dinosaur, into a hiking shoe. Totally not showing you guys that one haha.

Besides the landscapes, we also ran into some wildlife. Not a lot, since there isn’t that many haha. I saw some wild ostriches and some sort of bunny/squirrel hybrid. I have no idea what they are called but they looked freaking adorable.

So now I am in La Paz, Bolivia. Probably stay here for a bit and celebrate Christmas. 🙂

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  1. Dat kleine vogeltje is de black hooded sierrafinch, of te wel de zwartkapsierragors die op de lijst van bedreigde vogels staat. Bijzonderheidje dus!

  2. Indrukwekkend!
    Je hebt overigens de James’ flamingo gefotografeerd! Mooi!
    Die zangvogeltje zoek ik nog uit…..

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