Day 84: Market Street

Hi everyone,

I’ve been in La Paz for a few days now! Had a nice pub crawl with my friend, Suki. Did a walking tour, food tour and went to the new Star Wars movie.

During the walking tour we mostly talked about culture. Apparantly the Bolivians are very superstitious. They have all kinds of traditions and rituals that they perform for different reasons. At some point in history, human sacrifice was part of that as well.

So ofcourse we went to the witch market. Here you can find everything you need to make altars and sacrafices for Pachamama (mother earth). Apparantly she likes candy, flowers, llama fetuses and very strong (90+%) alcohol.

Of course we also discussed the (violent) history of the country. But also the current situation in Bolivia. It was nice to get a clear explanation about what is happening and what might happen in the future.

There is even one building that still has bullet holes in it, as a reminder of a war between police and military. 68 cilivians died during the 4-day shooting at the main square.

Here are some other cool pics from the tour. La Paz is definitely a ‘market city’. There is markets everywhere, everyday. I haven’t had a day yet where I NOT accidentally wander onto a market which contains several blocks. So hard to navigate haha.

Since La Paz is in a valley, it is surrounded by hills. This makes for an interesting (and exhausting) view. As an extend to public transport you can take the Telerifico (cable car) from one hill to another. There are multiple lines you can hop on for only 3 Bolivianos (0,39 euro).

Check out the clock on the second image.

The food tour from yesterday was really cool as well. Had a lot of original Bolivian drinks and dishes. Even tried Picana, which is a traditional dish for Christmas Eve dinner.

And, because I only have 3 more weeks left, I figured ‘why not get some Dutch foods’? There are a few restaurants here that have Dutch or Belgium foods. So I ate Bitterballen, Belgium fries and a Frikandel Speciaal. So yummy.