Day 89: The Jungle Book

Hey everyone,

Just got back from the Pampas in Madidi national Park. I have mixed feelings about the trip. It was really cool to see the new surroundings and expierence the nature during the day and during the night. I think my expectations were just wrong. We did some awesome wildlife but we only stayed on the river and didn’t go into the jungle itself. Besides that, it was a terrible time to visit the Pampas because of the many mosquitoes. We got eaten alive out there. I think I donated a few liters of blood to the Pampas babies, unwillingly. I’ll spare you the pictures of my legs right now. So as soon as the boat went a bit slower or we stopped to look at something, all the mosquitoes came flying in. So we actually skipped some activites that we were supposed to do because of that, which really sucked.

Anyway, I did take a looooot of pictures haha. On the way there, in the car, I already saw around 15 new bird species I had never seen before, also saw a toucan and kiwi bird (!). The birds there are very pretty, exotic looking (obviously) and colorful. Unfortuantely I could not get all of them on picture, because they are super fast and far away. So I only have the bigger ones!

As you can see in the pictures, the density of the forest is really high. Trees in all shapes and lenghts, bushes that go as high as trees and a lot of smaller plants covering the bottom.

About the wildlife, I saw three types of monkeys, a lot of alligators (kaaimans), one of which was up to 5 meters longs. Also dolphines, turtles, capyabara’s and sloths. But one of the sloths was cheating since that one was just rescued and chilling in a hostel garden haha. Here come the pics!

I also have a cool video of an alligator eating an eel! Ask and thou shall recieve.

The dolphines are really hard to spot. In the water you can see their backs often, but that is it. The sloth was hiding pretty well in the tree, so also not really recognizable haha. I swear guys, it really was a sloth.

We also went out at night on the boat to see more alligators and fireflies. It was really pretty because the stars are very visible ofcourse. Also the fireflies were something new and exciting! The noises the jungle makes are really impressive and scary honestly haha. Especially at night when you can’t see shit and you’re on a boat without a flash light.

I feel like I could have learned more about the jungle if I would have had a different guide. I tried to book one with awesome reviews where people were really enthousiastic about his knowledge. But I was the only one who booked it so they refered me to another company, who were less engaging.

Conclusion: It was a cool experience but over priced and over mosquitoed. Next time I’ll go into the jungle and WILL NOT GO DURING RAIN(mosquito)SEASON.

I hope you enjoyed the pics 🙂

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  1. We hadden een lodge aan de rivier! Dus een kamer met badkamer wel. Maar zaten zelfs muggen in de klamboe haha!

  2. You survived!!
    En mooie foto’s.
    Ik ga de vogels nog opzoeken.
    Nu weer terug naar de stad, Merel.
    Liefs pap

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