Day 91: New Year’s Eve

Hi everyone!

Feliz ano nuevo! I hope you all started the year with fun and without hangovers.

I spend it with Suki and her family. I participated in the typical traditions, so my 2020 is supposed to be awesome!

We ate 12 grapes and made a wish for each one, counted our money (so we have more of it in 2020) and walked around outside with our backpacks (for fortunate travels in 2020). There’s plenty more we didn’t do haha.

Unfortunately I am moving on from La Paz and thus saying goodbye to Suki and her lovely family. But next there will be more adventures. 2 more weeks to go people!

Here are some pics from the Telerifico in La Paz. Coolest (and cheapest) public transport I’ve ever been on.

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