Day 96: Sugar Mountain

Hi everyone,

I’ve spent a few days in Sucre now. The official capital of Bolivia. It is a really cute colonial town, built to sustain the rich families who got money from the mines around Potosi.

I’ve tried to do a walking tour around the town but unfortuantely there aren’t enough other tourists. Every tour was cancelled. So I just did my own laps around town with wikipedia. The main plaza is really pretty and green!

I also went to a historic museum but the 12-year old tour guide only spoke Spanish and there were no signs with English unfortuately. So here are just some pictures with pretty furniture in it. They also had a small statue of the second president of Bolivia, which is what the city is named after: Sucre.

Also fun to note is that the whole historic center is part of the UNESCO world heritage. Which is pretty cool.

I also went to a really nice viewpoint of the city.

And below is just the view from my hostel haha.

Can not believe I have only 9 days left, guys. What the hell happened to the last 3 months? Where did they go? WTF

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